Tea Garden Winter Garden is very important

The work of winter gardens in grapefruit gardens is very important. At this time, grapefruit trees are about to undergo a dormancy period. Pest breeding is in the larval stage and the nymph stage. Qingyuan will have a multiplier effect in preventing and controlling pests and diseases. Moreover, grapefruit is in a dormant period. Pesticides are not likely to produce phytotoxicity on teak, which is the best period for prevention and treatment. This work is generally conducted from November to December.

(1) Qingyuan work: In time, the dead branches, branches and leaves that have been pruned in winter will be burned in a timely manner, and the general will be sprayed in a timely manner to sterilize and disinfect the general tree to eliminate overwintering sites.

(2) spraying a new high-fat membrane + lime sulfur 1 - 1.5 degrees, the leaves and spray the week, two consecutive times, separated by 10 days or so, eliminate the crickets, crickets overwintering eggs.

(3) Scrape cures gums, foot rot, and timely application of general tree protection.

(4) Using a tree maintenance general to smear the trunk, first use a knife to scrape off the insects and lesions on the tree trunk, and then use the tree maintenance general to brush the trunk to disinfect and insulate and protect against freezing.

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