Three points need to pay attention to grafted seedlings

In the early spring, solanaceous vegetables and melons grown in greenhouses were planted in greenhouses more than in winter. Grafting and raising seedlings is a commonly used seedling raising method in the production of protected vegetables in recent years. There are three points to note.
Choosing suitable rootstocks for different rootstocks has great differences in drought tolerance, cold resistance, and disease resistance, and the corresponding rootstocks can be selected according to the purpose of cultivation and cultivation methods. Such as cucumber grafted seedlings in winter, you can choose low temperature, good stretch of Yunnan black pumpkin as rootstock.
Select the appropriate method of vegetable plug, splicing, grafting and other methods of grafting. Plugging and docking are performed before and after the breakage of the seedlings and are mainly applied to melon vegetables. Among them, the scion is small and the hypocotyl is finely used for plugging; the scion seedlings, the thickness of the hypocotyl and the rootstock are similar to each other, such as cucumber and pumpkin grafting. The splicing is carried out when the rootstock is very large, even when mature, and it is mainly used for vegetables such as eggplants.
Determining the timing of sowing The rooting time of the rootstock and scion should be determined according to the growth characteristics of the two and the grafting method to be used. For example, cucumbers and black squash should be sowed 5 to 7 days earlier than cucumbers when they are grafted by grafting. When using grafting methods, cucumbers should be sown 5 to 6 days earlier than sunspotted squash.

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