Egg breeding technology

From ancient times to the present, the status of breeding pigeons in the society has not changed, and only its role has become! In ancient times, pigeons were a tool for sending letters. Everyone used pigeons to communicate with each other. In the present, egg breeding is to obtain protein-rich meat and eggs! Egg-breeding pigeons, including meat pigeons, have gradually become a way for everyone to become rich.

First, make up the artificial material as early as possible: For the selection of pigeons for spare pigeons (30 days old), artificial feeding should be done as soon as possible. The formula is: corn 50%, pea 25%, brown rice 15%, wheat 10%. The pellets are first soaked in water for 12-24 hours, spread out to dry, and then an appropriate amount of poultry multi-dimensional additives are added to prepare a mixture of pellets. Artificially feed 2 to 3 times a day.

Second, for the full health sand: commonly used health sand formula: deep yellow (red) soil 27%, 30% sand and fine sand, the old lime or shell powder or eggshell powder 21%, salt 3%, bone meal 8%, Charcoal ash 4%, gypsum powder 5.5%, gentian 0.6%, alum 0.5%, licorice 0.4%.

Third, to reduce broken eggs: There are many reasons for broken eggs: There are no litters in the nests; the paired egg pigeons are often frightened and jump around; the outside interference causes the pigeons to be frightened; the egg pigeons are overweight and the pigeonholes are not positioned properly. The absence of certain elements in the egg pigeons results in an increase in broken eggs.

Fourth, support for moulting: When the production stoppage of the pigeons reaches 40%, artificial moult can be forced. The method is to reduce the amount of feeds on a daily basis, to completely stop the material on the 5th day, only a small amount of drinking water every day, continuous maintenance for 2 to 3 days. It normally takes 3 to 4 days to stop the laying of the egg-bearing birds, and the feathers fall off one after another. The moulting is completed after 5-7 days.

Fifth, control the source of infection: promote the use of this site fixed feed turnover packaging. Drink water without pollution. Egg cages and egg lofts must be cleaned and rinsed every day and outside. They should be disinfected once a week with 2% to 5% bleach solution. A fence of more than 2 meters should be set up around the pigeon pigeon farm. Animals such as pigs, dogs and cats must not be fed on the venue.

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