Minister of Agriculture: Strive to stabilize grain production at 1,050 billion jins next year

Han Changfu, Minister of Agriculture of the People's Republic of China, has made it clear at this time that next year he will fully seize good grain production and make every effort to stabilize food production at more than 1,050 billion kilograms.

Han Changfu made the above remarks at the National Agricultural Working Conference held in Beijing from the 27th to the 28th. This year's total grain output is expected to be 114.24 billion jin, which has been stable at more than 1 trillion jin for the fifth consecutive year. It has achieved the first eight consecutive years of production increase in half a century, and the per capita grain output has reached a record 852 pounds.

Han Changfu pointed out that the basis for grain production next year is a stable area, and the key is to increase yields. The key is to rely on science and technology, based on disaster prevention and reduction, and the goal is to achieve "two increases and one stable", that is, the increase in grain production and the stability of autumn grain for early rice.

Talking about the food production situation next year, Han Changfu said frankly that it will be more difficult to increase grain production in the next year. He pointed out that after the "eight-plus-year increase" in grain production, the high base of production and resource constraints have become increasingly prominent. There are very uncertain weather conditions, and the pressure for agricultural disaster prevention and reduction has increased.

Han Changfu stated that the resource elements of food production are already very tight and there is limited space for continuing to expand the planting area, and it is very difficult to continue to increase the yield. The supply and prices of agricultural production materials may face new problems. Labor prices remain high and agricultural production is entering a high-cost stage.

Han Changfu also reminded that after eight consecutive years of growth, there is a tendency to loosen the mind, and it is very difficult to maintain a stable development of grain production at a high starting point.

Han Changfu pointed out that this year, China's agricultural production increase, which has effectively guaranteed the supply of agricultural products, has won the initiative to curb excessive price increases and respond to the international financial crisis, and has made important contributions to maintaining stable and rapid economic development and maintaining social harmony and stability.

On the same day, the Central Rural Work Conference attended by the Premier Wen Jiabao of the State Council was held. On the eve of the opening of the meeting, the State Council implemented a reward for the nation’s food production since the founding of the People’s Republic of China as the most complete, the largest, and the highest specification. 700 people, including grain leaders, scientific and technical personnel, and advanced workers were honored, and 200 other grain-producing counties were rewarded.

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